Rory McIlroy Can't Find a Hat for His Tiny Head

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Rory McIlroy shot a two-under to position himself in 20th place after the opening round of golf in Tokyo. He did this without wearing a hat, which is the type of thing people notice. McIlroy's natural state is with a covered head out on the golf course. For my money, he's near elite at cap curvature and wears them well. Quizzed about the sun-drenched locks, McIlroy once again publicly affirmed that he suffers from Tiny Head Syndrome.

Back in 2016, while competing in the Ryder Cup sans lid, McIlroy lamented his skull size.

Honestly, this is so brave. But he shouldn't be in the position. Suppliers need to be proactive in ensuring there's a shockingly small hat for Rory to wear and facilitate the request discretely. The man has done more than enough for the sport to earn this small kindness.

At the same time, one doesn't want to be too cruel to the supply side. People find themselves in tough spots all the time. In the documentary Seinfeld, George Costanza showed the difficulty in tracking down head sizes for the masses. And what could happen if a pinhead happened to show up. Sobering stuff.