Rory McIlroy Credits Split With Caroline Wozniacki for His Improved Golf Game


Rory McIlroy won his second straight major at the PGA Championship on Sunday. Given that his uptick in production has coincided very neatly after breaking off his engagement with tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, it was natural that the media would equate the events and even ask about it. What’s relatively surprising, though, is that McIlroy essentially affirmed the narrative with his response before the third round of this weekend’s tournament. Via ESPN UK:

It does seem natural that a 25-year-old would throw himself into his work to fill the void — both emotionally and time-wise — of an ended relationship. A lot of us have been there. Still, McIlroy appears to have a genuine personality and I hope that we, as a collective media and fan base, do not turn him into a joyless winning machine.

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