Ronda Rousey Gets Recruited By Frasier in the Expendables 3 Trailer

Stephen Douglas

The trailer for Expendables 3 hit the ‘nets yesterday. That means we get (another) first glimpse of Ronda Rousey acting. Previously we have seen her walk and turn around and pose for a poster. This time she kicks a dude’s ass in a bar, smiles and has a beer with Barney Ross. It appears that Frasier will help recruit Rousey to the Expendables team.

Hold on… I just have to check one thing and… yup. I can confirm that Ronda Rousey is my new favorite actor. Per IMDB:


This could quite possibly be the strongest start to an acting career since John Cazale.

While we’re here, it should be noted that Expendables 2 has proven infinitely rewatchable. Expectations for this one are very high.

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