Ronda Rousey at WWE Event Makes Me More Confident Jonathan Coachman Will Be Wrong

Ryan Glasspiegel

Ronda Rousey posed for a photo op with Triple H at tapings for the Mae Young Classic, WWE’s women’s tournament, on Thursday. Setting aside that this was a little bit weird in kayfabe given that they were adversaries when Rousey appeared at WrestleMania two years ago, it invites natural speculation on whether a program will be built for Rousey in the foreseeable future.

Yes, Rousey has been a longtime fan of the genre, and this would be a cool event for her to watch regardless, but would anyone be astonished if she shows up for a match around WrestleMania season?

Earlier this year, former ESPN and WWE broadcaster Jonathan Coachman said there was “no chance” that Rousey would appear in WWE after getting shellacked in her last two UFC fights. “It will NEVER happen,” he tweeted. “They are not in the business of bringing in a broken star and rebuilding her.”

I offered to bet Coachman $100 that Rousey would appear in WWE within 18 months; he declined:

We’ve got about 12 months left in the bet I proposed and I’m still feeling pretty pretty confident about my prediction.