Ronald Acuña Was Pretty Chill About Two Loser Fans Knocking Him Over in the Outfield

They just wanted a picture with the rightfielder.
Tyler Schank/Clarkson Creative/GettyImages

All-Everything Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña was involved in a bizarre situation out in Denver last night as three idiots ran out onto the field and tried to hug him with varying levels of success. The first person was able to get out there and wrap his arms around the slugger before particularly soft-handed security closed in and broke it up like a chaperone at a conservative high school's prom. Then someone else from the stands came flying in from Acuña's six and send him sprawling to the ground. According to the broadcast, there was also a third fan who came from somewhere else in the stadium.

“I was a little scared at first, but I think the fans were out there and asking for a picture,” Acuña said through a translator after the game. “But security was able to get there, and so I think everything’s OK. Everyone’s OK.”

As the fans were restrained and forcibly escorted off by security, the second fan continued to resist. But Acuña said afterward that even the more aggressive of the two was merely trying to get a photo. Neither intruder said anything to Acuña unrelated to the topic of getting a photo.

“I think there were three of them? I saw someone else somewhere,” Acuña said. “But anyway, the second guy, he was asking for a picture too, and I couldn’t say anything to him because at that point, security was already there, and we were already kind of tangled up.”

Acuña's chill reaction to all this is exactly what one would expect. It's also not the one I have. Because it's really tough to have any sympathy for someone who has taken all the steps required to find themselves out in the middle of the outfield during a Major League Baseball game begging a fellow adult for a picture. The selfishness involved is mind-boggling, which I guess gives the invaders something to think about at the local jail.

Every time a clip like this surfaces the crowd is always cheering these morons on when they should be booing. Sure, 98 percent of the trespassing is harmless and sometimes we get treated to a naked butt but no one knows exactly how much of a risk the person streaking toward a professional athlete poses until they get about four feet away. Every single time it happens the athlete has their future on the line. They have to find the balance between protecting themselves and not going overboard and facing some sort of lawsuit. That's a pretty difficult decision to make in a split-second.

Anyway, that's just me worrying. Acuña handled it perfectly but all that was stopping him from being a part of thousands of thinkpieces was one of these fans pushing the envelople.

For the love of God, just stay off the field and simp for a picture with the other dorks by the players' parking lot like the other normal people.