Ron Jaworski Ranks Joe Flacco Ahead of Drew Brees in His Stupid Quarterback Rankings


Ron Jaworski has been ranking the projected starting quarterbacks all summer, progressing from Matt Flynn toward his top five. In a bit of a surprise, yesterday, he placed Drew Brees outside his top five at #6, right in front of Ben Roethlisberger. That leaves the following quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco.

Rings, baby! Quarterback wins for the win! Is there any way that this happens before a three game stretch in January and February? Joe Flacco definitely stepped up and improved in the postseason, and with Jim Caldwell at offensive coordinator, Flacco performed much better. He has also never put together a full season that is in the same solar system as Drew Brees.

A year ago, Jaworski had Brees at #2 and Flacco at #9. In the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately rankings, Flacco jumps fellow Super Bowl winners Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Drew Brees. Brees is a much worse quarterback because his offensive coordinator/coach was suspended last year, and because he played with the 32nd defense (by a large margin). By being the quarterback of the third highest scoring offense, and leading the league in touchdown passes, Brees drops out of the top five.

What is the deal with ESPN ‘analysts’ going bonkers over a QB who wins the Super Bowl?

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[photo via USA Today Sports Images]