Ron DeSantis' Laugh Is Wildly Off-Putting, Prime Meme Material


Ron DeSantis is in Iowa this week as he ramps up to announcing his run for president. Florida's governor was pressing the flesh, having one-on-one moments with potential voters and trying to project the image that he's just a regular guy. That effort failed spectacularly.

In one moment, DeSantis put on his best fake laughter and way oversold it. He looked like a caricature and has quickly been meme'd. DeSantis Laugh might be the new Crying Jordan.

Check it out:

Here's another angle:

It's not that he laughed, it's how he completely oversold it in an attempt to seem like a normal human. Ron, you're a politician, we know you're not normal.

Apparently it isn't the first time DeSantis has tried on this version of a laugh. During an interview with Piers Morgan back in March, he debuted it:

DeSantis' team clearly didn't tell him this was nothing short of creepy and he's still rolling with it.