Ron DeSantis Dunks on Nikki Haley By Giving Kaitlin Collins a Caitlin Clark Jersey


Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis are fighting tooth and nail to presumably get stomped by Donald Trump in the race to secure the Republican nod for president. That means spending a hell of a lot of time in the great state of Iowa in an attempt to get those people to like them. Haley dealt herself a self-inflicted wound the other day when she called Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark "Kaitlin Collins."

It was the type of campaigning gaffe that doesn't matter at all in the real world but is also not what you'd like to be doing out there. Like, if Bill Clinton had rolled into Chicago in 1992 and shouted out Brian Jordan instead of Michael Jordan, it would have landed much differently.

Anyway, DeSantis tried to jump on the misstep by brandishing a Caitlin Clark jersey upon being introduced by Kaitlin Collins at a CNN townhall last night. His charisma was infectious.

Honestly, this is a pretty good zinger from DeSantis. The delivery could have used a bit of work but if I were in his shoes the only thing I'd be talking about his how Haley goofed up the name of the most popular person in the only state that matters right now. Simply can't go back to that well enough. And if we've learned anything about people, this plan could work and yield him, well, maybe two or three percentage points that ultimately won't matter.