Ron DeSantis Heckled Relentlessly During Iowa Speech


Ron DeSantis' flagging presidential campaign has had a rough go of it lately. The once potential GOP nominee has seen his polling numbers drop like a rock, his debate performances have been ridiculed online, many senior officials have bolted his campaign and, on Sunday, he was relentlessly heckled by a woman during a speech in Iowa.

As the woman took DeSantis to task, he kept engaging, at one point asking her to stop, then saying, "I'm doing my thing." He tried to ignore her and continue but no one was actually paying attention to what he was saying. For some reason, security or members of DeSantis' deal didn't remove her and she just kept going.


Yeah, not a great look and it's just indicative of how this has all gone for Florida's governor. On 538's average of polls, he's currently at 12.3 percent among GOP hopefuls, trailing Donald Trump by more than 50 percent. Yikes.