Romo-to-Witten Yields Cowboys Win After Profoundly Dumb Clock Management By Giants


Tony Romo hit Jason Witten for an 11-yard touchdown that, with an extra point, put the Cowboys up 27-26 on the Giants. On the prior drive, New York had 3rd-and-1 at the Dallas 1-yard line with 1:43 remaining. The Cowboys had no timeouts remaining. If the Giants had just run twice, and gotten stuffed, the Cowboys would’ve gotten the ball back pinned deep in their own territory with about 50 seconds remaining. (Or, they still could’ve kicked at that point, and the Cowboys would’ve had far less time.)

Instead, the Giants opted to throw on third down — an incompletion — and kick a field goal. Then Romo led a 6-play, 72-yard drive that culminated in the Witten reception. What a crazy ending to this game.