Roger Goodell Shows Off Basement 'Man Cave' Where He'll Announce Draft Picks

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. / Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL Draft will be like one we've never seen before because, among other more obvious elements, a prominent portion of the broadcast will be streamed from Roger Goodell's basement. We already know that's where the NFL commissioner was planning to announce the picks for the first round this year, but what we didn't know was what the set-up would look like.

Goodell gave us a sneak peek on Good Morning America today.

Replete with wood paneling and NFL memorabilia, Goodell's "man cave," as he put it, exudes masculinity, though Goodell also said it's usually filled with dolls from his twin daughters.

It's obvious every element of Goodell's background was meticulously staged. From the black-and-white photos behind him, to the NFL 100 book purposefully placed on the middle shelf, to the American flag triangle on the top shelf, it's clear the NFL is trying to emphasize its history and its place in American life when so many Americans will be tuned in to watch the first meaningful live sporting event since the national shutdown happened in mid-March.

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One of the interesting elements from the interview with Robin Roberts was when the subject of fans being able to boo the commish came up. Both of them were talking over each other, a classic issue with video conferences, and likely a foreshadowing moment for tonight's broadcast.

Beyond that, the interview focused on elements of the broadcast we already knew. Roberts asked about the season starting on time and Goodell indicated they're doing everything they can in order to be ready, though he did say he can't predict anything, which is true. The future is up in the air, but at least we now know what Goodell's basement looks like.

UPDATE: Goodell personally took us down to his basement in a Blair Witch Project-style home video and gave us further insight into his set up. He also announced he'll be standing when he makes the picks.