Roger Goodell Made One Dollar During the Lockout, and Over $29 Million For the Rest of 2011


Remember when Roger Goodell had a salary of $1 during the NFL lockout in 2011? He didn’t work for free, mind you, but for 100 pennies. Well, he deferred his bonus until the lockout ended. Yesterday, Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal reported that his compensation for that season was $29.49 million dollars, according to tax returns. Just imagine what it could have been if he hadn’t made only a dollar for nearly six months. That number included a $22.3 million dollar bonus once the lockout ended.

If you want to know just how pleased the owners were with how the negotiations and results of the lockout went when it came to getting concessions and results, well, that bonus says it all.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]