Roger Goodell Made $34.1 Million in 2014


ESPN is reporting that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell earned $34.1 million during 2014. He has earned a total of $180.5 million over nine years.

That figure was $12.1 million more than Aaron Rodgers, the league’s highest paid player, earned in 2014.

Goodell was paid $44 million in 2012 and $35 million in 2013. 2014 is the last year the NFL should have to make that disclosure, as the league renounced its tax exempt status in 2015.

Presuming a 40-hour work week (though, this is a pipe dream for the NFL commissioner, and most Americans nowadays), Goodell was compensated at a rate of $16,394.23 per hour. So, not so bad. The expertise it takes to inflame every single controversy beyond proportion doesn’t come cheap.