There's No Way Roger Goodell is Actually Playing Golf at Augusta, Pine Valley, and Cyrpess in One Day, Right?

Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Roger Goodell makes $40 million a year, according to reports from various outlets in 2020 when the NFL commissioner announced he'd be going without his salary during the worst of the pandemic to help keep others employed. He's in the middle of a five-year contract that runs through 2023, an extension signed in 2017. When that deal was inked, ESPN reported Goodell had made more than $200 million since 2006 and the current deal could net him another $200 million if he hits all the various incentives.

All that is to remind everyone that Goodell is an obscenely rich man. Which makes this preposterous report that he's planning on hitting three of America's greatest golf courses in a single day somewhat believable.

I'm not bashing the reporting of Daniel Rapoport here. It's just an absurd concept and it's hard to think about how it might be done.

It's feasible Goodell could start the day in Pine Valley in the great state of New Jersey. The "crack of dawn" presumably means something like a 6:00 a.m. ET tee time. Everybody in Goodell's group knows they have a big day, so they finish 18 holes in just over three hours, putting the time at about 9:00 a.m. ET. Goodell is most certainly flying private, and it looks like it's around a two and a half hour flight from the nearest major airport (Philadelphia) to Augusta, Georgia. In order for all this to work, Goodell would have to be at Augusta before noon. Assuming he can do that, he would tee off on hole No. 1 at the most famous golf course in the country at 12 p.m.

Another quick round and it's 3:30 p.m.. Goodell boogies to the airport, hops on his private jet, and heads to Pebble Beach, California to play Cypress. It would take about four hours to fly from Augusta to Northern California, but he would have the time change to help him out. That means Goodell could tee off by 5 p.m. PT and, if the round is played very quickly, achieve his goal of playing all three in one day by sundown close to 8 p.m. PT.

All of the times above are extremely optimistic as far as how quickly Goodell can go from plane to course back to plane and his group would have to play speed golf for all 72 holes. It's doable. Theoretically.

But why? How much would Goodell actually enjoy playing Cypress after spending seven-ish hours on a plane earlier in the day and already playing 36 holes of golf? How much would he even enjoy Augusta, a majestic course that should be appreciated by all accounts, after flying in from New Jersey following an extremely early morning round on the East Coast? Why not make it a weekend? Or even a two-day venture?

Goodell has an ungodly amount of money and I guess life gets boring when you have more cash than you can spend sitting in your bank account. This is one way to spice it up, I suppose. It just seems like a waste to play three of the greatest courses in the world, all in one day, just to say you did. But rich people like their rich people things, and this surely qualifies as just that.