VIDEO: Robert Sarver Told Inappropriate Stories at Phoenix Suns Minority Owner's Memorial Service

Robert Sarver after the Suns won the Western Conference Finals.
Robert Sarver after the Suns won the Western Conference Finals. / Harry How/Getty Images

Robert Sarver, the owner of the Phoenix Suns, spoke at the memorial service of Richard "Dick" Heckmann back in April. Heckmann, a philanthropist, businessman and member of Sarver's ownership group from the time he bought the Suns in 2004, passed away in October and the family waited to hold the memorial service because of the pandemic.

UPDATE: Wendy Heckmann reached out to TrueHoop to explain that the memorial was a roast and that she was laughing harder than anyone. She even provided video showing her opening the memorial and calling it a roast.

TrueHoop obtained video of Sarver speaking at the memorial in front of family and friends. According to TrueHoop, the video has been shared around the Suns organization. Here is a clip of Sarver telling a story about walking in on a threesome when he took his children onto Heckmann's boat.

According to TrueHoop, that wasn't the only inappropriate story he shared during his time at the lectern.

I got to know Dick at an interesting time, right when he became single. It’s kind of uncomfortable, some of these stories but, I mean, it’s not that uncomfortable. But it’s a little uncomfortable. 

But so Dick got off to a good start with me. We had just bought the team in June, 2004. My biggest concerns were, you know, ticket sales, sponsorship revenue, trying to sign some players to get a winning record. 

What I really know is that my biggest concern was that the Heckmann boys were f---ing their way through the cheerleading team. And Dick, and Dick, and Dick was chasing everything that moved in Scottsdale. 

Heckmann's wife, Wendy Heckmann, hosted the memorial. Sarver also apparently claimed that early in the ownerhsip Heckmann left "his DNA in Steve Nash's sock somewhere in the lockerroom."

The Phoenix Suns just reached the NBA Finals for the first time since Sarver has owned the team.