Robert Saleh Should Probably Stop Texting With Media Members

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Have you ever wondered what Robert Saleh is doing when he's not lifting or golfing? Apparently he spends a good chunk of time texting former WFAN radio host Joe Benigno, who then reveals the content of those texts during various podcast and radio appearances. Most recently, Benigno made headlines by telling Tiki Barber and Evan Roberts that Saleh doesn't like Zach Wilson.

Many people had a problem with Benigno revealing what they thought was a private text conversation between himself and the Jets coach, but it's actually worse than that because Benigno appeared on WFAN's Boomer and Gio this morning and explained that he actually misrepresented what Saleh actually said and meant.

Benigno's attitude was basically, whoops, what can I do as he nodded along while Gregg Giannotti explained to him very clearly all he had done wrong. Here's Gio:

"I think the blowtorching that Boomer is referring to is the fact that one, you're sharing text messages that you've had with Rob Saleh when they're at the lowest point of the season on the air at WFAN. That's one. And two, you're now giving out an opinion that you thought Rob Saleh had that he didn't have. Like, if you're Rob Saleh, you're like what in the F'ing Hell is going on here?"

At this point it would be a bold choice for Saleh to continue texting with Benigno, which is something he's been doing since at least September. After the team lost Aaron Rodgers and started 1-2, Benigno told the world that he had told Saleh that if he stuck with Wilson at quarterback, it would cost him his job. Which explains why Saleh would be shocked to hear that Benigno wanted him to go back to Wilson two months later. What it doesn't explain is why Saleh is spending so much time listening to the sports radio personality, or how many other local media members he's consulting on a regular basis.

Saleh should probably figure out that Aaron Rodgers is the reason he has a job and being friendly with the local media isn't the key to anything but headaches. With friends like these who needs another guy who can't play quarterback.

UPDATE: Seriously, what is Robert Saleh doing? He's got seven children and a whole NFL team to coach.