Robert Saleh Called Out the Offensive Line During a Team Meeting

New York Jets v Carolina Panthers
New York Jets v Carolina Panthers / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

The New York Jets had a joint practice with the Carolina Panthers last week. The offense had a three-and-out during a two-minute drill during that practice, prompting some panic in the Jets fanbase which was most prominently displayed by an intense Mike Greenberg who wanted answers on Get Up. On the latest episode of Hard Knocks we learned that Greeny wasn't the only person concerned with the level of play from the Jets offensive line this preseason as coach Robert Saleh really let them have it in a team meeting after the doomed practice.

"Offense? Guys, it was our first fucking opportunity to change the stink that's been in this organization for a very long time on the offensive side of the ball. You can have a Hall of Fame quarterback. You can have two $10 million-plus recievers. You can have a reigning offensive rookie of the year. You can have all kinds of skill in the running back room. None of it fucking matters until the big boys up front change who the fuck we are."

This could be an actual problem. Sometimes an offensive line just isn't great. You can only work so hard if the talent isn't there. Especially across multiple spots on the line. If the Jets line is weak they need to improve it. Maybe this was a fluke. The coach needs to yell about something. But maybe it wasn't, which will be a problem for the team. Luckily, we have cameras embedded at Jets camp so we'll be able to follow this saga closely and know if Aaron Rodgers made a mistake by the time Week 1 rolls around.