Robert Kraft Annoyed by Patriots' Lack of Playoff Wins in Last Three Seasons

Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft / Cliff Hawkins/GettyImages

The New England Patriots have been historically dominant for most of the 28 years Robert Kraft has owned the team. The last three years have been significantly less so.

Tom Brady's final season in a Patriots uniform came to a grinding halt in the first round of the 2019 postseason. His departure predictably left the team in quite a bind that led to Bill Belichick's first season missing the playoffs entirely since 2008. Last year brought more optimism in the form of rookie QB Mac Jones and a Wild Card berth, but New England's utter annihilation at the hands of the Buffalo Bills left a sour taste in everybody's mouth to end the season.

The last time the Patriots went three years without winning a playoff game was over a decade ago. That is why we have Robert Kraft telling reporters today that he's "bothered" by the lack of postseason wins since the team's Super Bowl victory in 2018. Per MassLive:

“I’m a Patriot fan — big time — first. And more than anything it bothers me that we haven’t been able to win a playoff game in the last three years,” Kraft said. “I’m happy that I think we had a great draft last year. It made up for what happened the previous four years or so. I look forward to hopefully having a great draft this year. That’s the only way you can build your team for the long term and consistently that you’ll have a chance of winning, is having a good draft.”

This is one of those comments that reminds people how much they hate the Patriots. Going three years without winning a playoff game must be tough to swallow after 20 consecutive seasons of annual Super Bowl aspirations. But there are no less than nine other NFL teams who haven't even made the playoffs in the last three seasons. In total, 13 teams haven't won a playoff game in the last three seasons. There are seven teams who have gone at least 10 years without a single postseason W.

It seems Kraft is having trouble coming to terms with the harsh reality that it is really damn hard to get to the playoffs and then win a game. Such is life without a Hall of Fame quarterback under center.