Robert Griffin III Is Tweeting About His Wife

Ryan Phillips
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Robert Griffin III raised some eyebrows on Wednesday when he posted an odd tweet of a video of his wife Grete working out. It was really weird.

The tweet has video of his wife doing squats, with an inlaid video of RGIII doing curls while staring at the camera. Here's the tweet:

When someone asked what he was trying to say, he replied:

He issued the same reply to a number of people:

He capped it off with this tweet:

This comes a week after news broke that ESPN and Fox were in a bidding war to land Griffin as an analyst. He apparently blew away both networks in auditions. The 31-year-old free agent is being eyed as both an NFL and college football pundit if he decides to retire from the NFL.