Robert Griffin III Responds to Facebook Commenters Who Don't Like His Sleeve [Update]


Update: RGIII has taken to Twitter to respond to the response to his Facebook message.

Original Post:

Robert Griffin III updated his Facebook cover photo on Friday evening. RGIII then commented on the new photograph, presumably in response to some comments that I’m not going to sift through because people who comment on things on the Internet are the worst. Now, allow me to comment on Robert Griffin III’s comment.

"I usually don’t do this"

Then don’t.

"because everyone will have an opinion on what you do or don’t do."

So don’t.

"But to answer your question."


"I wear a sleeve because…."

A sleeve is part of a shirt?

"well the same reason Pierre Garcon wears a fang mouthpiece"

To protect your mouth?

"-S. Moss wears a hand warmer when it’s 70 degrees"

Cold hands?

"-Will Montgomery wears elbow pads"

Sorry. I’ll let him finish.

"-Alfred Morris wears shin guards-London Fletcher doesn’t wear sleeves in below freezing weather-Adam Carriker does bicep curls and tricep extensions before a game-Chris Baker dances before every game in the locker room-Logan Paulsen does 2 handed spikes when he celebrates touchdowns-Chris Chester does ninja spins to block people-Some guys wear sleeves & some don’t-Some guys wear wristbands & some don’t-Etc Etc"

Yada yada yada…

"You see WE do these things because they make us comfortable. Not to be different. Been wearing a sleeve and glove for 10 years. You see WE are a team. You think I want it to be national news that I visit a beach? Or shop at Walmart?"

Well, you definitely don’t want people to know you shop at Walmart.

"Or wore red shoes instead if green yesterday?"

Didn’t want to be too matchy-matchy?

"Well I don’t. I’m “striving” for greatness just like my fellow teammates do."

The Redskins were 3-13 this season. They should strive for something more than perfection.

"The “attention” that comes with being a QB in the league is what you are referring to. All the press conferences and talking to the media? Mandated by the league to have a press conference every week during the season and during team activities during the off-season. Oh wait, you must be talking about the Commercials? Right? Oh ok so what was the deal with those in 2012? WE won the division. So in 2013 when WE get knocked down, and finish last it’s because of the commercials? If that is your reasoning I have nothing more to say. WE will get back up. That is what matters. I hope I answered your question well enough. And that you keep supporting the team. HTTR!!!"

I think the point of all this is that RGIII is allowing the “haters” to get to him. The 2013 season was rough on RGIII and the Redskins and the critics are more vocal (duh) than they were during the magical playoff run last season. Shocking!

He’s in a major market and he plays the highest profile position in the highest profile sport. Anything less than a Super Bowl will be met with lots and lots of criticism. Hell, even when he’s winning he will have to deal with people judging the way he dresses – both on and off the field.