Robert Griffin III Injures His Knee Again While Playing Game Visibly Hurt, Thanks to Mike Shanahan

By Jason Lisk

Mike Shanahan, who has used up and spit out more running backs than can be counted, just committed gross negligence with Robert Griffin and his wounded knee. Robert Griffin III started the game at less than 100% with his still injured knee. Just this morning, Dr. James Andrews had some interesting quotes about how he did not clear RG III in the Baltimore game, and still had concerns.

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Washington got off to a fantastic start, but Robert Griffin III hurt his knee further just before the second touchdown that put them ahead 14-0, on a keeper where he would have probably scored if he was fully healthy.

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After that, it was clear to most people not named Shanahan that not only was Griffin III visibly hurting and ineffective (the Redskins never scored again and had two first downs after the first quarter with Griffin in). He was 4 for 10 for 16 yards, with an interception, two sacks, and only one run on a bootleg where he was limping the whole way. The final blow came right after Seattle finally took the lead at 21-14. On the first shotgun snap, it went low, and with Griffin trying to bend down to get it. His knee gave out on the horrid turf at Fed Ex field without contact. We’ll await word on the extent of this injury, but regardless, decisions should be about the process and not the outcome. Same here. Whether it turns out to be a torn ACL or not, keeping Griffin in the game at that point was one of the worst decisions I have seen.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]