Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Big Announcement Delayed As He Tries to Find His Speech

Sean Gallup/GettyImages

With his supporters gathered outside the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia expecting the major announcement that he would be dropping out of the Democratic Primary race against Joe Biden to launch a presidential run as an independent, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. confidently strode to the podium. But even the best-laid plans tend to hit a speedbump. In this case it was prompters that just wouldn't work for him, so he had to double back and obtain a physical copy of his speech.

"I need my speech," he informed someone on the side of the stage after letting out the type of exasperated grunt one might emit after realizing their oldest child had neglected to pick up the toys in their room yet again.

To the crowd's credit, the bit played pretty well, drawing some laughter as everyone patiently waited for Kennedy to get access to his prepared remarks.

Fully armed, the candidate went into Bill Pullman in Independence Day territory.

"I'm coming here today to declare our independence from the journey of corruption, which robs us of affordable lives, our belief in the future and our respect for each other. But to do that, I must first declare my own independence, independence from the Democratic Party," he said.