The Dodgers Partied With Rob Lowe

Harry How/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Dodgers-San Francisco Giants lived up to its billing as a titanic divisional round matchup, going the distance and not being decided until the bottom of the ninth inning in a winner-take-all Game 5. Mookie Betts collected four hits, Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger collected clutch run-scoring hits, and Max Scherzer capped a tremendous team effort out of the bullpen to emerge victorious. Advancing to the National League Championship Series is always worth celebrating but doing against a hated rival makes it doubly sweet. And the Dodgers were up to the celebratory moment.

Bellinger gave a succinct speech to kick off the festivities that should serve as a blueprint for all future best men and maids of honor. There's a dangerous trend in this country and it involves too many speeches that last too long at every wedding. We'd all be better if speakers aimed for the brevity of a baseball player.

Then, like a movie you're kind of into but won't think about much after it's done, Rob Lowe showed up and changed the vibe. And let me tell you, his presence was greatly appreciated.

Los Angeles has the opportunity for two more of these rambunctious clubhouse parties. Lowe needs to be at both of them if they happen. Insane pitching depth and All-Star-caliber hitters up and down the lineup makes it feel like he'll get those chances.