Rob Gronkowski's Party Bus Proves the Family that Bros Together Stays Together


Earlier this month Sports Illustrated profiled Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Included in the feature is a tidbit that Gronkowski bought a church bus from Long Island and turned it into a party bus dubbed the Sinner’s Bus. Inside the NFL caught up with the party bus — and all the Gronkowski Bros. — before last weekend’s game with the Ravens. In the piece you will learn:

  • The party bus has a “Size Matters” emblazoned where the hood ornament would go.
  • The driver of the bus is a man named “Goon.” (Goon is the designated driver, so let’s give him some props.)
  • The Gronkowski’s like to “party rock” all the time.
  • The Gronkowski’s like to shotgun beers.
  • The patriarch of the Gronkowski clan calls himself “Papa Gronk” and instilled a belief in his children to “live life to the fullest.”

So if you’re at Gilette Stadium on Sunday for the AFC Championship and want to chill with some bros, head over the Gronkowski bus.

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