Rob Gronkowski Doesn't Watch Film and Couldn't Even Pay Attention for His Full ManningCast Appearance

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski / Bob Levey/Getty Images

Rob Gronkowski appeared on the second Monday Night Football alternative broadcast with Peyton and Eli Manning. Gronk was the second guest of the night and he had as many memorable moments in 30 minutes with the Mannings as he did during his year-long run with FOX during his NFL hiatus.

The big thing that everyone is taking away from the appearance is that Gronk does not watch film. Gronk told the Manning brothers about Cameron Brate asking him if he ever watched film. Gronk's answer was, "No, I just run by guys." It sounded like a joke, but he went on to explain that he really doesn't. And he's able to get away with that because he plays with Tom Brady, who Gronk says watches about 40 hours of film a week. So he simply asks Tom Brady for the pertinent information. And that's when his dog Ralphie interrupted.

So we learned something about Gronk there, but the real peak behind the curtain was when he just stopped paying attention. Peyton explained what was going on in the game and then asked, "You agree with me right? That's good offensive football right there."

Gronk's delayed response? "t's great. It's beautiful. I kinda was dazing off."

I don't know about you, but I can imagine Gronk saying something similar in film sessions. What I can't imagine is Bill Belichick's reaction and then Gronk's repsonse to that reaction.

But seriously, what a moment. Gronk had mentioned earlier that he was playing cards. Is it possible Gronk was playing online poker while he was on this broadcast? Whatever he was doing, it just seems like the ultimate Gronk moment. Being live on television during Monday Night Football is cool, but you know what's cooler? This other thing happening in this other tab on my computer.