Rob Gronkowski's Body Felt Good During Retirement, But Now He's Back in Football Shape

Rob Gronkowski has put football weight back on.
Rob Gronkowski has put football weight back on. / Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Rob Gronkowski will return to the NFL this season after at least a year and a half without taking a physical beating in a non-scripted sports situation. Gronk was on CBS Sports HQ this week and explained what his return meant for his body. The tight end says he's just a few protein shakes away from being ready to roll.

"My lowest I got to was 240. And it felt good, you know. I've been above 260 pounds basically my whole entire life, since high school. Since senior year in high school, I was 260. I had never been under 260 since then. So, it felt good just to drop that weight, you know ease up my joints, let my body free. I kind of felt like that weight was loaded weight, too. So, it felt good to get rid of it."

Rob Gronkowski

It's good to know that he feels he's quickly getting back into football shape, but it sounds like his body was much better off before. And that's without factoring in actual football, the thing that caused what he himself estimated as 20 concussions in an interview back in September.

Hopefully, Gronk's un-retirement goes smoothly in Tampa. He had a nice little post-playing career going with FOX where they were willing to use him in a number of ways, including his beloved professional wrestling. Despite what Bob Costas might think about it, Gronk was happy and as healthy as he'd been in a long time. For a while there, it seemed like he had gotten out just in time.