Rob Gronkowski Bunted a Baseball With the Lombardi Trophy, Dented It


Rob Gronkowski is now retired but that doesn’t mean the great Gronk stories will end. If anything, more long-held secrets will bubble to the surface now that the code of silence has been compromised. And if they’re anything like the latest one, we’re all in for a treat.

Turns out everyone’s favorite tight end and enormous child was horsing around with the Patriots’ latest Lombardi Trophy and ended up denting it. His bright idea involved using it as a baseball bat to lay a bunt down.

It’s as if someone told Gronkowski he needed to leave his mark on this one and he took it literally.

Perhaps the takeaway here should be gratitude that he didn’t ruin more priceless items with his rambunctious energy.

Can you imagine if some video coordinator or sales rep had done the same thing? They’d have banished that person from New England and perhaps put a bounty on their head.

It’s good, as always,  to be Gronk.