Rickie Fowler Buying $14 Million House in Florida That Features a Par-4 Front Lawn

By Stephen Douglas

Rickie Fowler is buying a new house in Jupiter, Florida, according to Gossip Extra. The mustache aficionado will pay something like $14 million for the 6-bed, 9-bath waterfront property which has a par-4 hole where a massive front yard should be. You can tour the house in the video below. Overall, it looks great, but I hope he does something about the clutter in the garage.

Hopefully, Fowler can keep up with the house payments. He’s made just $2.7 million this year playing golf and his career earnings sit at $23,689,204.

Man, I really wish I was better at golf. Fowler was named to the Ryder Cup team earlier this week and also got an Olympic rings tattoo sometime in the recent past.