Rick Ross Offers Tom Brady a Suggestion on Gift for Ryan Jensen

Rick Ross.
Rick Ross. / Paras Griffin/Getty Images

There might not be a bigger Ryan Jensen fan in America than rapper Rick Ross. At a minimum, I don't see anyone else telling Tom Brady to lavish his center with a $75,000 gift for all the grunt work Jensen puts in for the Bucs.

Ross was watching Tampa Bay's win over the Saints in the Divisional Round of the playoffs yesterday and went out of his way to praise Jensen, the Bucs' fiery snapper known for his long, curly red hair. Ross tagged and discussed Jensen's blocking on Instagram and also suggested Brady should buy Jensen the new Cadillac Escalade as a thank you for Jensen's efforts in the trenches.

WARNING: Video contains NSFW language.

Jensen is one of those hogs who doesn't stop blocking until the whistle blows. Even then, he finishes many blocks until his opponent is on the turf. Then he gives them an extra shove for good measure. That attitude was on full display against the Saints.

That's the kind of player Ross wants on his team. Send a message to the opponent. Make them want to stay down. If you do all that, you'll be rewarded. At least if Ross has anything to say about it.