Rick Reilly Will Quit Writing His ESPN.Com Column

By Ty Duffy

Rick Reilly will no longer write for ESPN.com, effective June 1st. He will still be active doing television features.

"“I’ve been writing sports for a living, non-stop, since I was 20,” said Reilly, 56. “I figured out recently that I’ve published over two million words, all on sports. I’m ready to try something new.”"

Reilly, the 11-time National Sportswriter of the Year, has produced some of the best writing in the genre. He inspired many of a certain age to enter the field. However, occupying perhaps the best job in sportswriting with front-page billing on ESPN.com for the past six years, he has done little but cash ridonkulous checks and make an ass of himself, multiple times, in stupendous fashion.

Better that forum goes to someone who wants it.

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