Rick Pitino Cavs Rumors: Why Not?


Rick Pitino has spent 2019 coaching in Greece, regenerating for the opportunity someone stateside provides him with a head coaching opportunity. The general belief was that Pitino, having not really been vindicated in the college hoops scandal but also not personally caught red-handed, would get another job at a program that needs to make a splash.

However, Peter Vecsey, reporting on his Patreon page, dropped this nugget over the weekend that Pitino and the Cavs have some mutual interest:

Interest in them joining forces is not speculative. Nor is the likelihood of a liaison a fait accompli. But, according to an old mole, Gilbert and Pitino have spoken and interest in a long-term relationship is mutual.

Okay so there’s still some t’s to cross and i’s to dot. But sure, why not? Yes, Pitino’s last foray into the NBA with the Celtics did not go well. And if it seems like it’s been about 30 years since he coached the Knicks to 52 wins, that’s because it’s been that long. But, the Cavs are rudderless. What do they have to lose?

Pitino and Dan Gilbert pairing up is the type of binary thing that would either work or fail spectacularly. What it would not be is boring. Let’s all say this is a good idea and will it into existence!