Rick Barnes Can't Coach and Would Georgia Tech Really Pay Three Head Coaches at Once?

By Jason McIntyre

Episode 10 of the Jason McIntyre Show on Yahoo Sports Radio was heavy on the NCAA Tournament (pre-brackets) and NFL free agency. You can listen to it directly online here; you can subscribe and download on iTunes here.

Hour 1:
– “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.” Yes, I put Steve Jobs and Chip Kelly in the same sentence.
– March Madness, some thoughts on Tom Crean’s job security and Villanova as the No. 2 overall seed
– Interview with Dan Wolken of USA Today, who said about the Georgia Tech potential opening, “Getting guys in is not a problem. Keeping them eligible is. There’s no fake classes at Georgia Tech. You can’t hide them in easy majors.”
– I gave out my pre-bracket sleepers, three of whom are double digits, one is a 5th seed.

Hour 2:
– How to call in sick to work Thursday and Friday. I hate how lazy, “Kentucky or the field” is, and how hacky “does Kentucky need a loss?” is.
– The Colts are now the favorites – 5-1 – in Vegas to win the Super Bowl.
– Interview with Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports, who said about the Texas Longhorns chances in the tourney: “The coaching would nullify them for me. I can’t pick them to beat anybody. I think they need to look for a different coach.”
– Why I’d never go to the arena on the 1st or 2nd weekend to see an NCAA Tourney game, and I’d rather watch them from home.

Hour 3:
– March Madness chatter
– Marcus Mariota rumors (Jets, Titans, Redskins)
– Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk spoke on a wide range of things – “I think the Mariota-Eagles chatter will die, I believe we’re going to see a new contract between Bradford and the Eagles” – and “If I’m the Titans/Bucs do I want Drew Brees at the age of 37 for 4-5 years max, or do I want to draft a franchise QB?” Florio also crushed the Titans. Poor Titans.
– Weird new