Richie Incognito Tried to Destroy the Offensive Line's "Fine Book," According to the Ted Wells Report

Ryan Glasspiegel

Richie Incognito had a “fine book” that he sought, but failed, to have destroyed, according to Ted Wells report. Incognito, along with Mike Pouncey, were said to assess financial penalties typically ranging from $10 to $500.

The total pool, whose funds were held by Dolphins offensive tackle and line “treasurer” Tyson Clabo to fund a postseason vacation for the line, amounted to $35,000 by this past November. The biggest reason it got so high was that Jonathan Martin was fined $10,000 for skipping the unit’s Vegas trip. Martin was also fined repeatedly for being a “pussy.” At one point, Incognito actually fined himself $200 for “breaking J-Mart,” which ostensibly means picking on him until he snapped.

The Wells report alleges that Incognito was aware of the potential liability that this evidence presented, and sought to have it destroyed:

"On November 3, 2013, Incognito wrote nearly identical text messages to  both Pouncey and [Nate] Garner: “They’re going to suspend me Please destroy the fine book  first thing in the morning.” Fortunately, neither heeded this request. Incognito told us that he wanted the fine book destroyed because he believed it would be “misunderstood” if it was reviewed outside of the offensive line. We believe Incognito’s concerns were well founded—not because the fine book would be “misunderstood,” but because, viewed in context, it would prove that Incognito was fully aware that the verbal taunting had caused Martin to break emotionally. Incognito’s attempt to destroy the fine book is a classic example of evidence demonstrating “consciousness of wrongdoing.”"

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