Richie Incognito Believed Government Officials Were Spying On Him During Psychotic Episode


Richie Incognito was taken into custody on Wednesday and put on an involuntary psychiatric hold after an incident at a gym in Boca Raton, Florida. Disturbing details have now emerged about the incident in question that shed light on why he was committed for psychiatric evaluation.

According to police, Incognito believed government officials were tracking and recording him. He told police the following:

“There’s a guy walking around with headphones on. I’m running NSA class level 3 documents through my phone. I can’t have anybody in blue tooth capability or taking pictures of me.”

Incognito then explained to the officers that he couldn’t tell them about the government’s involvement because he was “under contract.” He then told the police that he had taken an over-the-counter supplement called “Shroom Tech” and showed the police that his hands were shaking heavily.

When police explained that they thought Incognito might be a danger to himself or others, he asked a woman in the gym’s pool to call the FBI.

Here’s a section of the police report:

An investigation revealed Incognito had thrown a tennis ball at fellow gym patron Mark O’Brien and brushed his leg with a weight sled. He was also acting erratically, which caused O’Brien to call police. Obviously that was the right move.

Incognito had reportedly been acting erratically the day before this incident, so clearly he was having some kind of extended paranoid, psychotic episode and badly needs help.

I have criticized Incognito repeatedly in the past, but I truly hope he gets the help he needs.