Richard Sherman: Michael Malone Will Be Irrelevant, Erroneous Name in the History Books of the NBA

2023 NBA Finals - Game Five
2023 NBA Finals - Game Five / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Michael Malone had quite the bee in the bonnet last season about the disrespect he perceived from the national media and the extended commenting realm toward his Denver Nuggets. It was a little bit funny but Nikola Jokic & Co. went on a thoroughly convincing championship run and to the victors go the spoils so he can say whatever he wants. Since the NBA is extremely Real Housewives-y, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are now using the lack of respect Malone supposedly showed them by saying they were getting too much respect for their own motivation this season. It's all incredibly stupid but any time you can get people online to say THIS LEAGUE it's a win, somehow.

All of this — and Colorado losing its past two football games — led up to Michael Malone being a topic on Undisputed this morning where Richard Sherman had strong and completely unnecessary and also the wrong words.

"Michael Malone has one successful season, Skip," Sherman said as his partner Keyshawn Johnson bellowed in affirmation. "LeBron James could really give a you-know-what, as you would say about Michael Malone is doing. Michael Malone will be an irrelevant, erroneous name in the history books of the NBA."

Sherman conceded that the Nuggets may win another title but no one ever remembers people who win two titles.

Hoops season should be quite a ride for this program. The football stuff is pretty good but it's the NBA where the space promises to get a bit weird.

Have to say, this type of thinking doesn't seem like a fun way to follow sports. Malone and the Nuggets have won at least 56 percent of their games in six straight years. They've been to the Western Conference Finals twice and fell a game short of a third trip. Maybe history largely forgets he and these Denver teams but, honestly, who cares? People care about them now and they are good. We might all be in the Singularity in a few years anyway and no one will remember sports. Way too much time is being spent on legacy talk, especially for players and coaches who haven't finished their careers.