Richard Sherman Is Right About Barry Church Hit On Rob Gronkowski


Richard Sherman came to the defense of a fellow defensive back on Sunday after Barry Church leveled New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, drawing a flag for unnecessary roughness.

Here’s video of the hit:

The Seattle Seahawks safety hopped on Twitter and posted the following about the hit by Church:

It’s hard to argue with Sherman’s logic. It was obviously a split-second decision by Church and he was really in a difficult spot if he wanted to make a hit on Gronk. It’s unfortunate that it led to the Pats tight end being in concussion protocol and being ruled out for the game, but if Church had hit him low it could have been even worse.

You never want to see a safety hitting a guy high like that, but Church attempted to lead with his shoulder, and wound up going helmet-to-helmet. It was certainly a penalty but it’s also fairly clear Church was in an impossible position. He could either hit Gronk low and potentially take out a knee, let him catch the ball, avoid a hit and let him run by, or do what he did. There are no good options there.

Gronkowski is out for the game and the Jacksonville Jaguars are ahead, so obviously this will be a talking point moving forward.