Richard Sherman Confirms He Cussed Out Russell Wilson After Practice INT: "Iron Sharpens Iron"


Richard Sherman is on the SportsCenter Sunday Conversation with Josina Anderson, and one of the topics was the ESPN piece by Seth Wickersham that came out earlier this year. One of the interesting accounts in the piece was an exchange where Sherman yelled “you f***ing suck” after intercepting Russell Wilson at a June practice.

"According to witnesses, Sherman threw the ball back to Wilson and yelled, “You f—ing suck!” Another fight broke out. Sherman was cussing and yelling; Wilson seemed stunned. Pete Carroll stopped practice and would later hold a series of meetings to remind the players they needed to build each other up, not tear each other down — and that they needed to support their quarterback, further pissing off a defense that already thought the head coach went out of his way to protect him."

Anderson asked Sherman if that exchange really happened, and here was his response.

"“That’s 100% true, and I’ve said worse. I’ve said worse to Doug [Baldwin], I’ve said worse to Kearse. Iron sharpens iron, as one man sharpens another. … I’m sorry that our competition, that the way we sharpen our iron, isn’t pretty and cordial. I’m sure if you went to see bad teams, they probably get along great, probably slapping high fives, but then you go 4-12.”"

Sherman, who was critical of the reporting on that piece and bemoaned the state of journalism, also called his relationship with Russell Wilson “professional.”