Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless Really Got Into It During Tense 'Undisputed' Exchange


The retooled Undisputed is plugging right along and maximizing its viewership during almighty football season. Sometimes it feels like nothing has changed at all when the gang really gets cooking because they can get just as fired up and adversarial as ever. Yesterday was one of those times as Skip Bayless, Keyshawn Johnson and Richard Sherman discussed the unfortunate injury suffered by star Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis — a hip drop tackle that has effectively ended his illustrious college career.

At one point Sherman tried to interrupt Bayless and the tension dial got flipped to 11.

"Let me finish, Richard, I'm speaking," a visibly annoyed Bayless said.

"I'll let you speak but you're not speaking from experience so stop wasting your voice, Skip," Sherman replied.

Skip then affected the same body language he shows in those performative videos where he throws away his Dallas Cowboys jerseys after a crushing loss.

"Are you going to let me speak or not?" he asked Sherman.

"You're speaking on something you don't experience doing so what point can you really make?" Sherman questioned back.

"I've covered the game for a lot longer than you've been alive," Bayless then muttered, only to be halted again by Sherman before roping in Johnson to ask if Rich McKay knows anything about football.

That's television right there, baby. People all over this great nation could feel the danger eminating off one of the Planet Fitness television screens and simply could not look away.

Two things can be true. One, stuff like this is tough to watch. It's like a nightmarish preview for holiday gatherings where mom and dad are going to fight in public and everyone's going to feel awkward. But it is interesting and these exchanges are essentially what any sports-debate show is aiming to create so mission accomplished, too.