Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin Took Aim at the NFL's Media Policy with the Help of a Cardboard Cutout

By Mike Cardillo

Marshawn Lynch vs. the Media, or more specifically the NFL’s media policy, has been an on-going story in Seattle this season. The Seahawks running back doesn’t really want to answer questions from reporters and it’s led to a $100,000 in total fines. Sunday the Seahawks running back gave an interview where he answered “yeah” to every question to fulfill his obligations.

Tuesday, Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin tweaked the media and the NFL policies with an interesting press conference that included a cardboard cut-out of Baldwin answering questions from Sherman. The Tacoma News Tribune recorded the presser and uploaded the clip.

Sherman used the word “hypocritical” numerous times to talk about the NFL policies, especially as it pertains to sponsorship deals such as his personal endorsement deal with Beats by Dre. Sherman also mentioned the NFL’s regard to player safety since the Seahawks played on Sunday and will play again Thursday night, “They’ve been talking about player safety so much, and that it’s like, two games in five days doesn’t seem like you care about player safety, you know, it’s a little bit much for me.”

All-in-all, very interesting and creative stuff from Sherman and Baldwin. Look past the cutout and at least consider the points raised by the players.

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[H/T Deadspin]