Richard Jefferson Went In on Gilbert Arenas on TikTok

Gilbert Arenas #0, Michael Wright #2, Richard Jefferson #44, Loren Woods #3
Gilbert Arenas #0, Michael Wright #2, Richard Jefferson #44, Loren Woods #3 / Donald Miralle/GettyImages

Gilbert Arenas recently took a passing shot at his former college teammate, Richard Jefferson, on The No Chill podcast. Arenas lamented the fact that Jefferson was drafted ahead of him in 2001 even though he was the leading scorer and Jefferson was the third or fourth option on the Arizona Wildcats team that made it all the way to the NCAA Championship Game. Yesterday Jefferson fired back on TikTok, explaining exactly why Gilbert Arenas slid all the way to the second round of the draft. It was... comprehensive.

Jefferson packed a ton into a two minute video. We learn that Arenas had multiple noteworthy incidents at the NBA's predraft event in Chicago. First bailing on a stress test because he was worried about his sneakers, then getting yelled at during a symposium because he said he wanted to be a pimp.

Then the really juicy part is when Jefferson addresses Gil's performance in the championship game against Duke. After averaging 16 points a game and shooting nearly 42 percent from three during the season, Arenas went 4-for-17 from the field, including 0-for-4 from three for 10 points in the title game. Jefferson strongly implies that Arenas was up to something that may have caused him to play so poorly in what would end up being the biggest game of his life.

Just great content start to finish by Jefferson. He should probably do one of these for each of his former teammates. Obviously, none will live up to the inherent insanity of Gilbert Arenas stories, but this behind the scenes stuff is always great.