Rich Rodriguez Is Not A Fan Of The Lame 10-Second Snap Rule

By Ty Duffy

The NCAA Football Rules Committee has proposed a 10-second snap rule, forcing offenses to allow 10 play clock seconds to run off and permit the defense time to substitute (penalty – five yard delay of game). Rich Rodriguez, who earns his bacon with an up tempo spread offense, is not a fan. He vented about it on Twitter, with some hashtag game #foraddedemphasis.

The rule employs the rationale Nick Saban and other coaches that fast-paced spread offenses lead to more injuries, with no evidence. The only observed injury increases have been wounds to the pride of defensive coordinators. Perhaps rule committee members could explain why slow-playing Alabama has outstripped the rest of the SEC in medical redshirts under Saban?

The rules committee asserts this would not be disruptive because no-huddle spread teams “rarely” snap the ball within 10 second of the play clock starting. In which case why have the rule? The 10-second snap rule would also be thrown out in the final two minutes, because football rules definitely needed to be more confusing.

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