Rich Gannon Rails Against Analytics and Romeo Crennel

Stephen Douglas
Rich Gannon
Rich Gannon / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans beat the Houston Texans in overtime on Sunday, 42-36. The Texans entered the fourth quarter trailing by six. Then then scored and kicked an extra point to go up one. When they scored another touchdown to go up seven with 1:50 remaining, they went for two in attempt to put the game away. This seemed to break Rich Gannon on the CBS broadcast and sent him into an anti-analytics rant.

Of course, the Texans didn't make the two-pointer and Titans tied the game less than two minutes later and won in overtime. Had the Texans converted the two-pointer, they likely would have won. Instead, they lost without ever touching the ball again, proving going for two was the right call, even if it didn't work.

If anyone has video, please send it along as we're hoping it can be shown at the next MIT Sloan Analytics Conference.

UPDATE: Here's video of Gannon ripping the Texans: