Rex Ryan Says We Don't Care About the New England Patriots, Is Dead Wrong


Yesterday's New England Patriots-New York Giants game was a miserable affair between two teams trying as hard as they can to not completely embarrass themselves while assuring they get a better pick in next spring's draft. Tommy DeVito outplayed the Mac Jones/Bailey Zappe duo on a tough-to-watch 10-7 affair in front of a MetLife crowd that had already paid for tickets and didn't want to waste them.

There was some intrigue leading up to Sunday as Bill Belichick remained coy about who would start under center. Ultimately it didn't matter and won't matter because neither guy can really do the job and a full-on tank for Caleb Williams or Marvin Harrison Jr. may be prudent. This didn't sit well with Rex Ryan, who issued a statement this morning on Get Up.

"Can I just say this? Bill Belichick, please stop. Just name your dang starter. It doesn't matter, they both stink... like we care about your team. Your team stinks."

Ryan is correct on a lot of fronts but the line about no one caring about the stinky Patriots is a bit weird. If that's true, then why the hell are they being discussed on ESPN's premier morning property? There is simply no reason to discuss the outcome as it has zero bearing on the playoffs and there's plenty of more relevant NFL teams available for dissection. They could be discussing if the Detroit Lions are for real or frauds. They could be discussing if the Denver Broncos are the best team in the league now.

The thing is, though, that we do care about the Patriots. This is arguably the greatest post-free agency franchise in team sports and it's crumbling down, getting sacked like a once-proud Roman Empire and going out very sad. One of the greatest coaches in the league's history may be flaming out in tremendous fashion. There doesn't appear to be a quick fix anywhere in sight. Haters who have had to suffer through what, 24 Super Bowl wins, finally have their day. Say what you want but it's a very interesting story line.