Rex Ryan Rips Joey and Nick Bosa for Taking Their Time Coming Back from Injuries

By Jason Lisk

Rex Ryan was bloviating on the Los Angeles Chargers and got off on a Joey Bosa tangent.

“If Joey Bosa ever decides to show up–I don’t know if he has to ask his dad for permission–because we know the Bosa’s, if there’s an injury that’s a week to 12 weeks, there gonna take it all the way to 12 weeks.”

Just last week, Joey Bosa spoke publicly with The Athletic about the foot injury that has kept him off the field all season.

"In late September, Bosa was frustrated as his injury effects dragged on longer than expected. He got mixed messages about whether to rest his foot or push it. Not long after, he visited a specialist — he declined to say whom — but he or she stressed to him a ligament injury like this took 12 weeks to heal and that all pain wasn’t bad pain."

Ryan, of course, is also making a reference to Nick Bosa, who underwent surgery for a core muscle injury in September, and recently announced that he was leaving Ohio State and preparing for the NFL Draft, where he is also expected to be a top pick.

Joey Bosa said this about the family decision, which probably played into Ryan’s snark:

You’ll have to forgive Rex Ryan, though, for being skeptical about Joey Bosa’s injury. He doesn’t believe there’s any such thing as a bad foot.