Rex Ryan Returning to the Jets, Owner Woody Johnson Announces

By Jason McIntyre

Will this be a 2-year extension? Three? What concessions will Rex Ryan have to make – as in, will Rex have to part with ‘his guys’ on the coaching staff?

It’s a very curious decision from the Jets, who have missed the playoffs the last three seasons after reaching the AFC title game in his first two years as head coach. Despite going into the season with low expectations, the Jets managed to reach 6-5 with wins over the Saints and Patriots, then collapsed against inferior competition and missed the playoffs. But they finished strong, beating the Browns, Raiders and Dolphins to finish 8-8.

It makes you wonder – how much power does new GM John Idzik have? Usually, new general managers want their guys coaching. Idzik will be tied to not only his draft picks and free agent decisions, but his coach, obviously. What’s clear is that owner Woody Johnson has loved Ryan’s success and bluster.

There will definitely be pressure on the Jets to get back to the playoffs next year, and it will certainly be a busy offseason, given all the free agent money they’ll have to spend.

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