Rex Ryan: Mac Jones is a Peashooter, Like Danny Wuerffel

Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

It was perhaps just a bit unwise for people to anoint Mac Jones as the next Tom Brady Light in New England and the hype spiraled out of control there for a bit. The rookie quarterback has looked a lot like a rookie quarterback through the season's first five games and with the dust settled some, it appears there will be the typical growing pains. At 2-3 and with some obvious difficulty stretching defenses vertically, the playoffs are becoming slightly less realistic. An expert football roundtable was asked on Get Up this morning if Bill Belichick could find a way to play some elimination football.

Ryan hit Mike Greenberg with the Not No, Hell No before offering a particularly pointed critique of Jones' small sample size.

First of all, no one ever threw a prettier deep ball than Wuerffel at Florida. Was my personal favorite gamebreak player until Reggie Bush came along. The pro stuff didn't go well, so Ryan's point stands. Second of all, if that snap analysis is correct and the long-range attack is never a strength, the Patriots are in real trouble. That might reflect a structure problem that can be built around but will always linger. In that case, Jones must play as cerebrally as Brady to succeed.

In cubicles and dens all over this great country, people are recording Ryan's strong take for their personal ledgers. It has the ability to serve as evidence in case of an I-Told-You-So or go down as something people in New England will never let him forget.