Rex Ryan Deserves Plenty of Credit for the Jets' Rapid Rise; Don't Overlook Draft Dominance

By Jason McIntyre

Tannenbaum ascended to GM in 2006. In the last four years, Tannenbaum’s first two picks in each draft have almost all found instant success. Seven of the eight have become major factors on the team. We’re defining “major factors” as a starter or significant contributor.

2009 Draft:
1st Round: Mark Sanchez (starting QB)
3rd Round: Shonn Greene (leading rusher this postseason)

2008 Draft:
1st Round: Vernon Gholston (the only bust; “sources” pinned this pick on Eric Mangini.)
1st Round: Dustin Keller (2nd on the team in receptions this season)

2007 Draft:
1st Round: Darrelle Revis (best corner in the league)
2nd Round: David Harris (team’s leading tackler)

2006 Draft:
1st Round: D’Brickashaw Ferguson (Pro-Bowler)
1st Round: Nick Mangold (Pro-Bowler)

As with other Jets’ fans, we’re incredibly optimistic that New York’s top three offensive weapons this postseason – Sanchez, Greene, and Keller – are all first or second year players. Their No. 2 and No. 3 receivers (Jerrico Cotchery and Brad Smith) were both draft picks. (The team’s leading rusher in the regular season, Thomas Jones, was acquired via trade.) One could say that the Jets are a No. 1 receiver away from being set offensively for the next five years.

Defensively, though, is clearly where the Jets’ excel, and where they are likely to go in the April draft. Assuming the team has written off Gholston, the Jets will have to look at a pass-rushing defensive end or a defensive back in the first round since safety Kerry Rhodes is unlikely to return.

(We were hot for Alabama corner Javier Arenas to pair with Revis earlier this season; less so after Jordan Shipley lit him up in the National Championship.)

The Jets’ late run has pushed them out of the 12-16 draft range and into the late 20s. Defensive ends who may or may not still be on the board: Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida, Ricky Sapp of Clemson, Brandon Graham of Michigan, and Jerry Hughes of TCU. Has USC safety Taylor Mays fallen far enough for the Jets to have a crack at him?