Rex Chapman Foolishly Gave His Phone Number to a Fan and Then This Happened


Rex Chapman was a legend at the University of Kentucky, and also was something of a big deal during his NBA tenure in Washington and later Phoenix. I’ll never forget his stint in Washington, where he’d regularly go on insane scoring binges, and eventually earned the nickname, “The Incandescent Rex Chapman” from my writing hero as a teenager, Tony Kornheiser.

But today’s Chapman story – you can read the lengthy blog post here – isn’t a fun one. It dates back to Chapman’s days at Kentucky when he received copious amounts of fan mail. And a particular trio of guys sweated Chapman so hard that they kept up correspondence and ended up playing against him in a 3-on-3 game while Rex was in the pros.

Then, in 2011, Chapman bricked: He gave one of these guys his phone number. Why?

"He told me that if I was ever in northern Kentucky that I should look him up. I told him that if he was ever in Phoenix he should do the same. Then there was an awkward pause. I realized that there was no way he could reach-out to me – unless I gave him my phone number or email address. So as to not appear like a jackass, I gave him my phone number and said, “Just please don’t give this to anybody.”. He assured me that he wouldn’t. Biggest mistake ever."

The obsessed fan has been hounding Chapman for years, sending, at times, 50 texts in a two hour window. This recent exchange is disturbing and makes you wonder about the stability of this man:

10:30 pm – What are (you) talking about? 45-texts? Really? #loser

10:33 pm – Let’s get it on at Nator Arena.

10:33 pm – This time I won’t take it easy on you.

10:36 pm – Hah. Who do you think you are? Last time I checked, I had about 6 years of college on you.

10:37 pm – Unless you snuck into dental school and took classes.

10:37 pm – Don’t f*ck with me. I’m tired of your act.

10:37 pm – Nice T-Shirts

10:46 pm – Yo 3. Still there? C’mon put up a fight at least.

10:47 pm – That’s it. I’m calling you.

10:49 pm – Where you be?

I can’t believe nobody has told Rex Chapman that you can call the phone company and have a number blocked on your cell phone. I’ve done it with my iphone; I would assume the same can be done through blackberry. Can someone please let him know? [via I-Rex3]

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