Rex Chapman Arrested for Shoplifting $14,000 of Apple Store Items

By Jason McIntyre

Rex Chapman, the beloved former Kentucky basketball player who had a nice career in the NBA, was arrested in Arizona Friday for allegedly stealing $14,000 of computer equipment from an Apple store. The details are as sad as you might imagine:

"Chapman, 46, allegedly picked up items in the store and made it appear that he was paying for the items through the store’s self-checkout, using an iPhone app. He would then allegedly leave the store without actually paying for the items. According to police, the former Suns player allegedly took the stolen items to a local pawn shop and sold them for cash."

The prospects look bleak for Chapman: He’s facing nine counts of “organized retail theft” and five counts of “trafficking in stolen property.”

Chapman, who was given the memorable nickname, “The Incandescent Rex Chapman” by former columnist Tony Kornheiser for his penchant for scoring eruptions while playing for the Washington Bullets in the early 90s, spent 12 seasons in the NBA and according to basketball reference, made over $22 million in salary during his time in the pros.

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