Rewatching the Ted Lasso Christmas Episode, 'Carol of the Bells'

Ted Lasso Christmas
Ted Lasso Christmas / Fernando Leon/GettyImages

There has been no fresh Ted Lasso in our lives for over a year now. This is sad. You know what's not sad? The Ted Lasso Christmas episode from Season 2, "Carol of the Bells." Stephen Douglas and Liam McKeone got into the spirit of the holidays and rewatched the episode to discuss as part of The Big Lead's Big Stream Holiday Podtacular.

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Highlights include: wondering why there was not a Ted Lasso Christmas special this year and the fact that there is not is a huge missed opportunity; the Love Actually scene with Phoebe was actually more meaningful than the original Love Actually scene; stunning and saddening that Roy, Keely, and Phoebe did not end up caroling with Ted, Rebecca, and the players; the Higgins househould is the purest part of the episode and needs to be recognized as such; and what we would give for fresh Ted Lasso and how sad we'll be when it's over.